Erica Costa Cordeiro

Erica’s athletics career took her all over the world and her record is impressive at every level from winning gold medals four years in a row from 1999 to 2002 in the 400m hurdles at the South American Cup, to representing Brazil five times in the Pentathlon to winning gold and bronze at the Italian National Teams competition.

While competing, Erica was also studying, Sports Science at the prestigious University Of Ferrara, Italy, for five years, specialising in Sports Rehabilitation.

In 2008, Erica re-located to Australia in order to continue her education and career as an exercise coach, nutritional adviser and rehabilitation coach. 

In 2015, Erica decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition and Erica's Art Of Training’ was opened in the heart of Mosman Village.

It has immediately become a magnet to those who want a truly tailored and individual experience when it comes to really achieving their mental, nutritional and physical exercise goals, within a lifestyle, career and/or age group framework for which made traditional gyms and/or fitness centres are inadequate.

Rod Navajas

With well over 10 years experience within the exercise industry, Rod brings an invaluable and extensive level of knowledge, expertise and drive to help make you THRIVE in today’s extremely challenging world! 


An avid sportsman from a very young age, Rod's continued passion for sports includes his own involvement in sporting pursuits such as powerlifting, surfing, snowboarding, soccer and swimming. 


Rod completed a Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science Degree in 2006 while living in Brazil and after re-locating to Australia in 2007 he went on to become a qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist.


Nina has been involved in sport since the age of 5 competing in gymnastics for 9 years before moving onto athletics and competing for the following 7 years.
Training from such an early age developed a strong mindset in her to push forward when needed to overcome tough times.

In 2016 Nina was meant to compete in the Australian Ninja Warrior but tore her Achilles whilst practising for the course 2 weeks before the filming.

As a trainer, health expert & life coach Nina is very dedicated to helping others achieve their personal goals by applying nutrition, lifestyle and exercise changes.