Costa Cordeiro

Owner & Founder

To Erica, exercise has always been an art form, made up of numerous aspects that require a very specific set of mental and physical skills in order to create its final form.


As such the ‘Art Of Training’ for Erica, is in the comprehensive and careful assessment of each individual prior to participating in any of her programs.

There can never be a ‘one size fits all’ perspective applied, for Erica and her team, something seen all too often in today’s major gyms and fitness centres.


There are 3 core factors that underpin Erica and her team’s exercise philosophies and programs:

  1. Bio-Mechanics

  2. Neuro-Muscular Strength

  3. Coordination and Loading

Erica and her team work with all age groups and will tailor a program to suit your individual needs, goals and objectives.

Erica is an ex-international athlete (400m hurdler) who competed up to the World Cup level for more than 10 years.